A diverse and inclusive business has many strengths. Varying the perspectives and skills you have in your team allows a business to tackle problems differently and drive innovation. auticon helps blue chip companies and financial services businesses around the world do exactly that.

auticon is part recruitment business, part social enterprise, and they connect their neurodiverse IT consultants with some of the world’s leading companies. Neurodiverse people, for example those with a diagnosis of autism spectrum condition, have many skills that make them excellent hires. Pattern recognition, attention to detail, accuracy and logical thinking are just some areas they often excel in.

Diverse hiring strengthens a business

Globally we have a skills shortage in data and analytical roles. auticon’s consultants, with their strong analytical and problem solving skills, fit these jobs perfectly. So they built a business around matching the right consultants to companies that would benefit most from their help. They work in their teams, focusing on projects large and small.

For careers in STEM or other jobs that require similar skills, neurodiverse people make a tangible and crucial difference to a team and the business as a whole. Yet, their unique approach to problem solving and analytical mindset are often overlooked by employers. As a result, just one in five autistic adults is employed. auticon’s mission is to not only increase the professional opportunities available to autistic adults, but also help companies perform better.

But auticon doesn’t stop at placing their consultants within organisations. All of their consultants are supported by qualified job coaches who are with them throughout the process. These experienced coaches understand the nuances of autism, psychology and are able to support mental health too. They also provide autism awareness training before the placement, and offer advice from the start to end of a project for these businesses. The reassurance and guidance that auticon job coaches offer both sides in the working relationship makes all the difference.

Filling gaps in funding

auticon has ambitious plans for the future. They’re hoping to get to one thousand consultants globally, and opening two new offices in Europe, in the next five years. But, as every business owner knows, growth costs money. Accessing cash to grow is crucial to succeeding with these plans. On top of this, a key challenge they face is one we hear about too often: long payment terms from their clients.

While it’s hugely exciting for the business to be working with such large organisations, the downside is that they regularly have to wait weeks or months to get paid. For a business that wants to grow, and knows how it wants to target that growth, a financial tool that can help speed up that process is invaluable.

Our partner, Barclays, understood this need and referred auticon to MarketFinance for a CBILS revolving credit facility to fill their gaps in funding. This allows them to access the money tied up in their outstanding invoices, so they have the funds they need, when they need them. And we can’t wait to see where they go!

Changing the hiring landscape

auticon is trying to create a different business world that is more accepting and embraces the enormous opportunity that hiring neurodiverse people can offer. They aren’t simply a charity: their aim is to show the value of the skills these individuals have. They not only help to boost diversity and inclusion agendas in some of the largest workplaces in the world, but they also boost their productivity too. And on top of this, they’re helping their consultants be authentic and at their best. Ultimately, auticon wants their consultants to be appreciated for the work they do, as well as who they are.

You can find out more about auticon and the inspiring work they do here.